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Three years ago I sold everything I owned and moved my little family to a mediterranean island we had never even visited, with almost zero savings.

I had nothing but a dream of a business idea and two e-books I'd written. Within 12 months my business earned $160k, we'd rescued four stray dogs and three cats, travelled the world and moved into a dreamy, light-filled home. I was running an incredibly successful membership program, and had my first amazon best-seller.

But more than that. I'd stripped away the Busy from my business, healed my birth-induced post traumatic stress disorder, and started homeschooling my spirited kids.

It was a million miles away from the stressed professional 9-5 teaching job and work work work / busy lives my husband and I were previously living.

Strip away the busy. Heal. Focus on what matters. Follow your calling. Create the business and life you want. 

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It's Not About How Busy You Are. This Is About The Way You Choose To Live Your Life And The Impact You Came Here To Create.

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